Rainbow of Promise: A World War II Romance

It's 1942. The reader is transported to a time when soldiers, despite wartime fears, hold onto their dreams of love everlasting. W.E. finds his world turned upside down when he meets beautiful and vivacious Sadina, a woman determined to live every day with joy. Will secrecy sever the trust in their romance? This poignant World War II romance is based on the love story of the author's parents.

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Trauma to Triumph: Lessons Learned Along the Way

This book describes the lessons Sandra learned while trying to navigate life outside the boundaries defined by others. Hurt and angry, she challenges the status quo again and again. Stepping into her fears and facing her isolation, she discovers that living a life of freedom means taking the narrow road into and beyond herself.

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Notes on the Train

From a talking pigeon to a mirror that sees all, Notes on the Train brings you closer to the author’s struggle with depression and change through the landscape of life. Not all battles are fought with weapons of war. Some battles rage within the mind and soul and take no prisoners. This book is a collection of poems and prose written by the author on her journey of self-discovery.

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Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Retirn of Christ

A man real life experience with the reality of God prophetic Word working in His life as a believer . Empowered by the HolySpirit writes based on vision and dreams of Christ return for His Church....And the Redemption of Israel His nation...at last!

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Malicious Deception

Wanting only to be a respected scientist and forget the hatred, bigotry, and poverty that dominated her youth, Dr. Essie Openwaters finds herself targeted by a powerful psychopathic murderer as she struggles to protect the Pacific Northwest from a devastating explosion and overcome inner demons that threaten her career.

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Short Stories by David Milton McGowan
First European to cross North America and reach the Pacific.
He mentioned several times in his diary that “the natives where very friendly and accommodating.” Were they actually friendly or just trying to get the interlopers out of their country as fast as possible? Was the communication all done with translators, in the trade language of Chinook or all in one of two European languages? Find out within “Marker of Stone” part of the “Deacon” collection.
Includes the rhymes, “Native Sons in WWI”, “Inclusion” and “Education”.

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