Dark Rose

Private Investigator Davis Lewis has fallen on hard times. The ex-Army sergeant and former police detective has spent his last $1.50 on a cup of coffee at The Corner Diner when, by chance, he runs into Tessa, a grade school friend and a high school sweetheart. His fortunes change soon thereafter with a big case: Rescue a billionaire’s young trophy wife, Rose, from the hellhole called Underground City.
Davis is successful and reaps the monetary benefits, plus a reference to another wealthy client, who hires him to find his missing sixteen-year-old daughter.
Davis’ relationship with Tessa blossoms and wedding bells are in their future after one last case – helping Rose escape her sadistic husband.
“Dark Rose” is an entertaining read with twists and turns as Davis, and Tessa, unravel the mystery surrounding a desperate woman named Rose.

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Déjà Death

The book explores the subject of preincarnation, in other words (for people who believe in reincarnation) who we may have been in a previous life. In Deja Death this phenomenon relates to a young church curate, a man called Richard Pope and his preincarnation character Irma Grese; she was a young woman that actually existed during World War 2 and who was convicted as a Nazi war criminal and became the youngest person to be tried and executed during the 20th century. The book is a piece of fiction but also includes some historical facts about the holocaust and the death camps. It is therefore set in two different locations and eras, one being Nazi Germany and the concentration camps of the final solution, the other being more conventional times and set in New Milton, a fictitious village of Dorset in the United Kingdom.
Irma Grese is often described as the evilest woman of the 20th century…Or was she?

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The Grinding Wheel(The Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series) by best-selling, award-winning author Marc Rainer

‘A powerhouse combination of in-depth legal knowledge, believable characters and a truly twisted villain.’ - Kindle Storyteller Award nominee, and best-selling crime author, Andy Maslen

Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is assigned to prosecute WaShaun “Gloomy” Stewart, a street gang leader who has killed five rival gang members by his eighteenth birthday. At the same time, another serial killer—known to the investigators as, “The Butcher”—has begun kidnapping local women, killing them, and leaving their body parts in and around Kansas City.

Working with the Kansas City Police Department’s Career Criminal Unit, a task force made up of both local police officers and federal agents, Trask is surprised as Stewart escapes from custody and the two investigations suddenly merge. When one of the task force’s female detectives is captured and taken by The Butcher, Trask and the CCU investigators must race against time to save her life and end The Butcher’s reign of terror.

Retired federal prosecutor Marc Rainer brings his thirty years of trial and investigative experience into another edition of the Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series, books hailed by attorneys and law enforcement personnel for their realism.

"The best Jeff Trask novel yet . . . For those who love Law & Order, the Jeff Trask Crime Dramas are just what you need to satisfy your inner investigator. It has the perfect fusion of crime and courtroom drama."- LUCY D EBook Obsessed

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Master Class. THRIVE

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Logo design

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The Starchild Trilogy

THE STARCHILD TRILOGY begins with building a Space Launch Loop enabling massive movement off Earth and subsequent settlement of Cislunar-Space, Mars, and beyond.

SLINGSHOT is the story of the struggle behind constructing the largest machine ever built stretching between Baker and Jarvis Islands in the Equatorial Pacific, and how the men and women behind Slingshot overcome the project's physical, economic, and human obstacles.

In THE STARCHILD COMPACT, a team exploring Saturn's moon Iapetus discovers it to be a derelict starship, and meets the Founders, remnants of an ancient, advanced race, the Ectarians, that arrived in the Solar System 150,000 years ago. Together, they create the Starchild Institute governed by a document they call the Starchild Compact to further develop and introduce Ectarian technology to the Solar System. Using Ectarian technology, they develop near lightspeed spacecraft, artificial wormholes, FTL starships, and human longevity.

As human colonies expand into the Solar System, they form a governing coalition: THE IAPETUS FEDERATION. While a united Islam pursues a global Jihad that rages across the planet putting millions to the sword, the Federation enables an exodus from Earth using artificial wormholes. From hand-to-hand combat in the oceans to battles on Earth's surface to the challenge of living off-Earth and reaching for the stars, our heroes fight to survive and to expand humankind to the far reaches of the universe.

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