Inside Threat

An informant goes missing after disclosing to DS Martin Draker, of the Northwest's Regional Organised Crime unit, that a corrupt police official is importing heroin from India.

Field analyst, Cath, is investigating an upsurge in deaths caused by a new drug with similar effects to cocaine.

A body, believed to be that of the missing informant, is discovered in a burned-out car, along with a note threatening further deaths if the police don't back off.

Cath launches a TV appeal warning of the dangers of Sky White. The gangster, Dan Manning, is incensed; she could kill the new drug’s market before it gets going.

Before Manning has a chance to stop her, the police must catch him before the body count rises.

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Out of the Shadows

An explosion. An injured bartender. A dead woman. Accusations of arson and murder.
Staff Sergeant Martha Richards, Air Force Military Training Instructor, fights to clear her lover, Tess Beck, and Jennifer Nichols, the bar’s owner. As she confronts and questions other suspects, Marty experiences accusations of her own. Her commander fires her from her Military Training Instructor duties for allowing Tess, a former trainee, to live with her. Being openly gay is not an option. She finds herself at a crossroads. Should she reenlist? Or separate from the Air Force, the only career she’s ever known? She loves her career, but she also loves Tess. During her quest, she experiences self-awareness and personal growth.

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The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey Children's MG/YA Book and audiobook

Jimmy is the alien orphan who chose to grow up on Earth despite the bullying. He overcomes the bullies and grows up into a hero with friends on both sides of the stars, which include Earth's four witch guardians, Lord Oron the Weatherman and Gemma, the little lady he rescued from the bottom of the well but could not recall how she got there. There is magic, monsters, intergalactic travel and battles against evil dictators and Jimmy helps overcome them all with the help of his friends and XRU his talkative starship navigator.

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Crimson Red - Unconditional Love

The word love has been defined and confined by society to a certain spectrum, basically involving man and woman. This book dares society to look outside the spectrum at love just as it is – unconditional. No caste, creed, gender, religion or beliefs determining the same. As one would love a pet regardless of the gender, as one would love a newborn regardless, so does this book take the reader on a relationship considered taboo especially in Asian countries. Post reading this book, readers are expected to have an open mind to relationships and not succumb to society’s bottle necked version of who should love whom or what sanctions a relationship. This book opens the dimension to another world where matter of the heart is concerned, taking the most commonly used word ‘love’ to the next level – a level where beliefs will crumble and minds will explode. This book will challenge you to step out of your cocoon, your garment and labels slapped on you by society from the time you were born and for many, even after they have gone to their graves. Prepare to be authentic to yourself. Not for the society or community but for yourself.

Category Finalist of the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award

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Rainbow of Promise: A World War II Romance

It's 1942. The reader is transported to a time when soldiers, despite wartime fears, hold onto their dreams of love everlasting. W.E. finds his world turned upside down when he meets beautiful and vivacious Sadina, a woman determined to live every day with joy. Will secrecy sever the trust in their romance? This poignant World War II romance is based on the love story of the author's parents.

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Pieces of Me with Company

The book is a collection of unique and intriguing short stories from the authors personal life, and some are fiction.

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