After six years of bloody conflict the war between France and England is finally over. But after witnessing the brutal murder of his warriors by a company of redcoats, consumed by a desire for revenge, for Shingas the fight against the hated English goes on. Two hundred miles to the east on an isolated farmstead, Esther an indentured servant, wooed by the prospect of being released from the shackles of servitude, agrees to marry the farmer’s eldest son, a simpleton, in exchange for her freedom. Unwittingly fate brings them together and, on her wedding day Esther is abducted by the war-chief and taken back to his village. Befriended by an old squaw and a young French girl, a captive like herself, Esther accepts her plight and quickly assimilates herself into the ways and customs of her captors. All this changes however when, seeing her bathing naked in the river, Shingas forces himself on her. Horrified by this violation, when the opportunity to escape comes Esther seizes it and together with the young French girl she makes her bid for freedom. Unfortunately, her hopes are quickly dashed when she and the girl are re-captured by Shingas. Nine months later she gives birth to his child. With discontent growing amongst the tribes as the English settlements encroach deeper into their lands, Shingas leads an attack against an English fort and burns it to the ground. Appalled by this act of hostility and determined to punish those responsible, the English send an army against the Indians. Weeks later, deep in the wilderness at a place called Bushy Run, redskins and redcoats are joined in battle and in the space of a single day the fate of a nation is decided. Rescued by the victorious English, and faced with the prospect of returning to a life of servitude, Esther seizes the opportunity to choose her own destiny.

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Children's Books

When ten-year-old Gertie Gilbert announces that she wants to enter a local go-cart race, her older brother laughs and says, “you’re a girl and girls can't race!" The sibling rivalry begins as the family divides into teams for a little competition. Things really shift gears when the kids feisty Grandma G.G. comes for an unexpected visit. It's the girls versus the boys and the race is on! Gertie sets out to prove that girls can do anything boys can do! This funny family adventure will have readers cheering. The storyline deals with stereotypes, discrimination, sibling rivalry, and family bonding. Does Gertie win the local go-cart race? Grab your copy today and see which team gets the checkered flag.

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Punk Novelette

Follow four friends growing up in the discontented seventies; broken homes, broken town, broken lives. And then Punk arrives... like a hammer blow... giving them a chance to make dreams, a chance to change. The ethos of Punk helps them fight for a life to live despite the crime, the danger; the whole knock you down pulse of the society around them. A Punk that helps them stay free from prison, and the gutter, and the mundane.

"As fast paced, raw and loud as a two and a half minute punk single." - Gypsy Lee Pistolero - Writer - Actor - Musician - and Punk Rocker.

Nick Gerrard is from the Czech Republic, has three books Published; Travelling for the Hell of It, Graffiti Stories and Lyrics without Music. His short stories, flash, poetry and essays have appeared in a wide variety of Magazines and Anthologies including Breaking rules, Piker press, The Platform, Spillwords, Minor Literature and Bluehour magazíne.

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A young, seemingly guileless millionaire businessman, an unsuspecting, progressive, middle-class woman who meets and falls in love with him, a tortured ex-cop who gets entangled in their tragic love story, and a hardworking reporter with a never-say-die attitude - these are just some of the characters in this suspense-filled love story about what it means to hold on to everything that makes you, you.

‘Twisted Doubles’ is not just a story about double trouble. It examines human identity as it is defined for us by everyone else. It journeys through the identity trail as set by any bureaucracy, from birth to death and beyond. It explores the irony in trying to walk the legal path, whether tested, proposed, or new, in a world where humans increasingly find themselves reduced to any single thing that identifies them where it matters most.

Set in India, with the South Asian Tsunami of 2004 as a backdrop, ‘Twisted Doubles’ is a universal story of identity crises that will enthrall just as much as it will make you weep. A sensual romance, it will make you believe in true love.

When Anjali AIyer wakes up in a strange place, drugged and beaten up the day of her wedding, she is devastated. Her trauma takes an absurd turn when she finally makes it back to her hometown, and is greeted by doors shutting in her face, and a family that is convinced she is an imposter.

Heartbroken and alone, Anjali must find her way back to her family, her love, and her life itself.


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(Greek edition) - horror

Εκείνη η νύχτα είναι καταλυτική για τη νεαρή Αμαλία.

Στο Χριστουγεννιάτικο πάρτι της σχολής της, όλα μοιάζουν ιδανικά, όταν την ώρα που πάνω από τους ξέφρενους ήχους ακούγονται μόνο οι φωνές των συμφοιτητών της να μετράνε αντίστροφα αποχαιρετώντας τον παλιό χρόνο πανηγυρικά.

Μια σκιά καραδοκεί στην ταράτσα του αμφιθεάτρου και την ώρα που τα δευτερόλεπτα κλείνουν την αλλαγή του χρόνου, ξεκινάει να διαπερνά το πλήθος σχεδόν αστραπιαία. Κολλάει πάνω στη σάρκα της κόβοντας της την ανάσα. Η σκιά γίνεται «ένα» μαζί της και αμέσως πέφτει λιπόθυμη μπροστά στην κοινή θέα των συμφοιτητών της.

Η σιωπή αγκαλιάζει το χώρο.

Τα παιδιά σχηματίζουν έντρομα ένα τεράστιο κύκλο γύρω της. Κάποια από αυτά προσπαθούν να τη συνεφέρουν.

Όταν καταφέρνει να ανοίξει τα μάτια της, τίποτα όμως δε θα είναι πια το ίδιο.

*Και αν υπάρχει Διάβολος... Ίσως η μόνη του μάχη να είναι αυτή έναντι στο Θεό.

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Havens in the Storm

Left for dead behind enemy lines, prince Dominel seeks refuge in an abandoned stronghold of the slaughtered wizards. There he is recruited and trained by undead mages in the once forbidden magics so that he can close the doors into the world of man and halt the advance of the horde of monsters known as the storm.

Can the strength of a lone wizard stand against a god of evil bent on ruling all the worlds of monsters and men.

Will other races stand as friends or foes in Dominel’s quest?

Can Dominel open himself to memories of his past lives without fracturing his sanity and becoming a worse threat than the monsters he seeks to halt?
And what of the man who is prince, king and wizard? What space is left for him in a life of crushing duty and wondrous enchantment?

For the answers read on.

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