Trauma to Triumph: Lessons Learned Along the Way

This book describes the lessons Sandra learned while trying to navigate life outside the boundaries defined by others. Hurt and angry, she challenges the status quo again and again. Stepping into her fears and facing her isolation, she discovers that living a life of freedom means taking the narrow road into and beyond herself.

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Children's Picture Books-Life Lessons

Do you know how it’s hard to find a good children’s picture book that entertains and teaches life lessons while helping with phonics at the same time? Well, my books do just that! I have 17 books to choose from.

Price : $9.99
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Notes on the Train

From a talking pigeon to a mirror that sees all, Notes on the Train brings you closer to the author’s struggle with depression and change through the landscape of life. Not all battles are fought with weapons of war. Some battles rage within the mind and soul and take no prisoners. This book is a collection of poems and prose written by the author on her journey of self-discovery.

Price : $1.99
Website Link : www.loreendekort.com
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Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Retirn of Christ

A man real life experience with the reality of God prophetic Word working in His life as a believer . Empowered by the HolySpirit writes based on vision and dreams of Christ return for His Church....And the Redemption of Israel His nation...at last!

Price : $16.99
Website Link : https//www.greggb4hope.com
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Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island
Earth Dragon Clan born archaeologist Grey Fields leads a team onto Katz Island searching for a human underground settlement. Is she on a crazy quest to find something that does not exist? Grey’s archaeology career rests on her ability to solve every problem that stands in her way of success. Readers of fantasy adventure books will be captivated by this book.

Price : $7.99
Website Link : https://katherineesoto-author.com
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Listen To Me: How My Down syndrome Brother Saved My Life

Thirteen-year-old Lynne watched her parents wrestle with the fact that their newborn baby Bruce, her new brother, had been born with Down syndrome. Over the years, Lynne struggled to ensure that Bruce would be included as part of the family and vowed to protect him from a young age, while also making sure that her nine-year-old brother, David, was not also left behind amidst the chaos. As time passed and Lynne went off to college, she learned that her baby brother was still not safe from being given away.

This is the story of Bruce, and the love he inspired in Lynne to fight for the unity of her family. Lynne, David, and Bruce maneuvered the trials of life together, thus cementing their unwavering commitment to each other as siblings. By turns funny and heartbreaking, Listen to Me is a story about being brave, finding your voice, and becoming not who you thought you were, but who you were meant to be all along.

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