Eyes Over Earth Book One

Like a bolt of lightning, Jim's body is transported
in half a second. Arriving aboard what he
considers the little house of horrors.

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How To Easily BOOST The Income From Your Stocks By Selling Call Options---Kindle Edition

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The Dragon Orb

The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn't be more different.

For 100 years it protected them…

…and now the magical barrier is about to fail.

What waits on the other side?

As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, three young wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.

When the barrier comes down, the truth comes out. Was everything they were taught about their kingdom based on a lie?

Will they all choose to fight on the same side, or end up enemies in the battle over who should rule Alaris?

For lovers of dragons, magic, wizards, political intrigue, and adventure don't miss this first book in a great fantasy series.

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Short Stories by David Milton McGowan
First European to cross North America and reach the Pacific.
He mentioned several times in his diary that “the natives where very friendly and accommodating.” Were they actually friendly or just trying to get the interlopers out of their country as fast as possible? Was the communication all done with translators, in the trade language of Chinook or all in one of two European languages? Find out within “Marker of Stone” part of the “Deacon” collection.
Includes the rhymes, “Native Sons in WWI”, “Inclusion” and “Education”.

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Rainbow Warriors

In the year 2128, Earth is no longer habitable.

Firestorms, famine, and poison air have transformed the world into an oligarchy where the powerful Arkers seek to enslave and then destroy the few survivors.
Guardians are called to save the remnants of humanity by escorting children from all the lands to the underwater city of Maniton.
Seventeen-year-old Halerine Ananda knows time is running out for people of the North when the biodome over her village cracks, and the poison clouds dip lower. When Storyteller receives a vision, Halerine agrees to lead the children across the barrenlands of Beforetimes Canada to the gathering site. They evade vicious tornados, escape giant iguanas and khakhua cannibals, and outsmart a shiftless polygamist, but their biggest challenge awaits the children when they reach their destination. With nowhere to hide, can Halerine and Matwau, the caretaker, protect the Rainbow Warriors from the evil Arkers?

Rainbow Warriors is the first book in the seven-book dystopian series, Rainbow Warriors. This futuristic, coming-of-age series will take you on a fast-paced, action-packed adventure as children around the world race to escape the ravages of the post-apocalyptic surface world and reach the safe haven in Maniton.

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When Blood Whispers - Book

The online date felt uncomfortable so she left Steven, who owned a tech company, at the table and went to her car. Steven yanked the door open and told Windy their relationship was not over. Soon after that, her family members began to receive phantom emails that erased themselves after being opened. The police didn't believe anything, Windy, her sister Jennifer, or their mother told the police.
Jennifer's husband went to confront Steven and soon after that, he was arrested based on the blood evidence in Steven's home that pointed to a homicide.
It's now up to the three women to rescue Veronica who Steven kidnapped and keep Jennifer's husband out of jail.

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