BYWORD "A Nation Called out of Their Name"

BYWORD - The Biblical prophecy of the children of Israel returning into captivity in Egypt again (Americas) as slaves for four hundred (400) years.
DUETERONOMY 28:37 (KJV) "And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a BYWORD, among all nations whither the Lord shall lead thee"
BYWORD – is a racial epithet, an insult, mockery, ridicule (e.g. Coon, Nigger, Sambo, Negro, Colored etc.)
BYWORD is the story of IDENTITY; How a nation lost their identity via slavery and how a strange nation would own their identity for four 400 years.
The so-called Negros slaves of the Transatlantic slave trade are the blood descendants of the Biblical Hebrew Children of Israel (Jews) of the Bible and BYWORD confirms it.

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Craving GRACE - Diamond Dogs Book 2

Grace is a gift, not just a name. Blackballed intel analyst Gracie Snow, cursed with a vile temper despite her sweet packaging, is in short supply. So when an FBI sting goes bad, she’ll take her chances. Save the world? Restore her name and avenge her brother’s cruel disfigurement? You bet. Jay Sykes, her brother’s former best friend, will not stand in her way. The Army Commando derailed her career once. Older and wiser she’ll handle her new partner and the terrorist making a habit of crossing her family’s path.

She's not the little girl tagging after two boys intent on shutting her out.

But grace is a tricky thing, and God works as He wills when using all things to the good. Including Gracie and the one man she’d foolishly thought could never touch her heart. From Las Vegas to D.C. to the stormy coasts of Scotland, the bullets, bombs, and assassination attempts never let up. And neither does the temptation for Gracie to take her revenge despite the undercover kisses that prove she's not made of stone. Can Jay save her from herself . . . or is that for himself? Losing her again might just kill him.

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The Mystery of the Lost Avenger, An Annie Tillery Mystery

The wreckage of a World War II plane is found in the mountains of Appalachia. It mysteriously crashed in 1943 on its way to a naval base. Inside the plane is a note, written by Annie Tillerys great-grandmother, Charlotte, who was in love with a fighter pilot. Young Charlotte tested the planes and flew them to naval bases; her fianc flew the planes in battle.

While investigating the crash site, NCIS finds the note in the plane, which they trace to Charlotte and then to her surviving family members, Annie and her mother Carol. The mystery begins. Why did the plane crash, and what does Charlottes note mean? Annie and her mother decide to dig into Great-Grandmothers past by way of the aged family attic.

There, they find love letters written by Charlotte and her Navy pilot fianc. There is a code to be broken in those letters and The Mystery of the Lost Avenger to be solved. As they explore, Annie suspects Charlottes ghost is reaching out to tell her something, but what? She enlists the help of her boyfriend, newly licensed pilot Ty Egan, but Annie feels she may be the key to her great-grandmothers top-secret life.

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MYKu? No-Haiku! Poetry by Tanya M. Richey

Haiku are intense flashes of poetry reflecting observations.
Tanya’s MYku are bursts of humor and wonder shuffled in with moment of human fear and doubt.
“I may not be able to write great poetry,” fine artist Tanya Richey explained on her way to Japan, “I will write a haiku everyday and when we come back I’ll publish my MYku book. My life in Japan told in 5-7-5.”
The resulting collection of Haiku style poetry is poignant and inspiring.
Experience the Spirit of Japan captured in the cross cultural adventure of an American artist in her late sixties. A poem for every day of the year.

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Visiting Heaven

After losing her grandmother who was also her best friend, Tori distances herself from everyone she knows and falls into a deep, dark place—losing control of her life with no idea on how to get it back on track. With the gift of being able to visit heaven and the guidance of her nanny, she is able to get back on track with her life and even find love.

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What is the one thing connecting a brilliant young scientist, two agencies, and an assassin...and can this connection be broken before it’s too late?

All that Dr. Amelia Rimgold wanted was a pleasant evening at the Opera – to enjoy something nice—two days before testifying against the corrupt pharmaceutical companies. However, someone who didn’t want her talking has hired a hitman to kill her...but Amelia survived, and an unstoppable chain of events started, forcing two agencies to work together.

CIA operative Ted Bester and FBI special exec Rick Brannigan are desperately trying to solve a series of brutal murders all tied to a scientific conference on cold fusion that could radically change America’s energy dependence. There’s one person who can help them: the only victim of the hitman’s murders who has ever survived, the descendant of a Salem witch, now connected to the killer’s mind through the heirloom locket...Dr. Amelia Rimgold. But can they keep her alive for long enough to catch the murderer? And what if he learns how to use the locket against them? Is he going to finish the job, and silence Amelia forever?

Price : $3.99
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