Muted Veil: A psychological suspense thriller with a series of ingenious twists

When Frances concocts an elaborate plan to escape today’s world of surveillance, her hopes to live off the radar are soon crushed by long-buried secrets, entwining her life with others forever Having fled to a remote village in the south-west of France, she employs Julien, a mute builder, to renovate her house. Communicating by notes written on pages torn from a jotter, they form a strange, silent bond, but when a newcomer moves into the neighbouring property, followed by furtive men inspecting her land in the dead of each night, Frances' concerns for her privacy spiral. While fighting to defend her covert existence, fear soon turns towards murder, and Frances finds she uncovers a series of gruesome, historic events...

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As Oron continues his investigative excavation on earth, he starts to uncover other dealings that have caused humanity to go down the path it has been driven to. Oron then presents his findings to the one being he is reluctant to talk to the most but must face due to the role he has inhabited for the greater good of the universe. God has always loved Oron, but Oron can say that he has never fully loved God, which cause their engagements to be full of Ice and Fire.

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Alex McKenna & The Geranium Deaths

For Alex McKenna, high school is just a distraction from the love of his life, Margaret, with whom he can't wait to spend more time once they get to college.

In many respects, Alex is just an average seventeen-year-old boy...except for the fact he's a transgender medium born from a long line of Strega witches, possessing the ability to communicate with ghosts.

With the help of Margaret and his talented Strega great-grandmother, Alex will learn how to strengthen his abilities. The dead need Alex to help them reconcile issues they left behind—and he finds that he needs them, too. As his abilities multiply, assisting the dead becomes an outlet to channel his new energy, giving him the strength to come to terms with who he is as a transgender male, and how far he will choose to go.

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Jenny and ME

Billy is a high-school student in New York who spends his evenings with a rebellious youth gang. The gang's activities range from violence against minorities, to aimlessly roaming around the city. During one of the gang's missions of destruction, Billy was caught and sentenced to community service in which he must give assistance to an ailing girl named Jenny. Billy is quickly drawn into Jenny's world, and meeting alternately with Jenny and with the gang, he finds himself swung impossibly back and forth until, eventually, he must choose which world to live in.

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Sister Fate 3rd edition

Fiction is indeed a wonderful thing. For in it you can basically rewrite your own reality. If you don't like the way a relationship ended, you simply write a new ending. At the end of the day you can wash your hands but possibly not your mind, of all the lurid details you had placed on the screen. In my writing, my victims meet the most utmost bizarre and often grotesque demise possible. It is the inner rage that fuels my creativity. In real life I would not even begin to embark on the violent journey that ends only well for me and a few of my friends. In my private life, many would be surprised to know my mind at least has a violent side.

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Sour Blood: A psychological suspense thriller with a shocking twist

London 2017
Nick Day harbours a secret and will stop at nothing to guard it. In the lucrative world of finance, Nick finds himself subject to blackmail and desperate to escape his dilemma. Solutions appear scarce, but on reaching his lowest point, he embarks upon a bumpy road of money laundering and murder, and what Nick believes his greatest form of revenge. The cash is stacking up, the body count mounting, but can Nick live with his biggest mistake?

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