The Shearing (Steel City Series, Book 1)

Can humanity survive The Shearing?

Liz McAllister is looking forward to a much-needed spring break. But when she travels home to Clearfield, Pennsylvania, she discovers that something strange is happening around her sleepy little hometown.

The peace is abruptly shattered as earthquakes split the ground and falling satellites burn across the sky. Hordes of vicious monsters materialize across the world and the Earth is engulfed in chaos.

Cut off from the outside world, Liz teams up with Mike and their small group of friends. Together they desperately battle the monsters that are devastating Clearfield.

Their efforts are aided by the discovery of magic and the arrival of otherworldly allies. But even with new allies and magical powers, the evil hordes are unending and the fate of our world hangs in the balance.

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Her captors killed her father and her brother. Years later, she refuses to let those responsible forget what happened.

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Her Toronto Tycoon

Everyone makes mistakes, even could-be-jetsetters trying to lead a wholesome life.

But when the sins of the summer catch up with Caroline “Caro” Linton, she’s shocked to find her partner in crime, Toronto Tycoon, Peregrine "Perry" Prichard Lawrence III toting a baby he’s convinced is theirs.

How could she have given their child away? And how could Caro be so blind to a kindred spirit who, like her, is determined to do the right thing? But the right thing means finding the baby’s true mother, something Caro must convince Perry to do, even if it breaks his heart… and hers.

Her Toronto Tycoon is a cinnamon roll romance, complete with homemade icing for those who prefer their heroes too good to resist. Written from a Christian worldview, this clean and wholesome billionaire romance takes readers from sultry summer to snowy Christmas. And canvases the reality of mistakes, forgiveness, judgement, and what it truly means to be a Christian.

Family is often what you make it and perspective is everything. From a glittering Port Hercule in Monte-Carlo, to the Toronto, Ontario financial district, a wooded Haliburton hideaway, to the high-climes of the Swiss Alps where winter fun happens 360 days a year, Her Toronto Tycoon challenges readers to think before judging. And even then to be more forgiving than human nature will often allow. We all make mistakes!

If you’re a fan of “clean and swoony” Ellie Hall, the creative flare of Lorana Hoopes, or the tender touch of Liz Isaacson, you’ll want a taste of Her Toronto Tycoon.

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Reign of the Marionettes

Mass hysteria sweeps through London with deadly consequences.
Beneath the wit and laughter of Charles II’s Court, political and religious tensions rise. When a minister claims to have uncovered a plot to kill King Charles and replace him with his Catholic heir, no one is safe from accusation.
When suspicion falls on her husband, Elizabeth Herbert's life is thrown into turmoil. As a tangled web of lies and deceit unfolds, she realises her husband is a pawn in a much larger game.
Caught up in the mass hysteria sweeping the country she’s forced to fight back to stop his execution.
But, how can a woman take on the most powerful men in England?

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An inspirational story about the mighty condor

Do you know the mighty condors? do you know, how loving they are? Want to know more about them? Here is a book series about an handicapped child, making friends with a pair of condors. And saving their egg from poachers, saving one more bird from extinction. A series by the multi awarded author. Check them out here, but they are available at all Internet outlets.

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Muted Veil: A psychological suspense thriller with a series of ingenious twists

When Frances concocts an elaborate plan to escape today’s world of surveillance, her hopes to live off the radar are soon crushed by long-buried secrets, entwining her life with others forever Having fled to a remote village in the south-west of France, she employs Julien, a mute builder, to renovate her house. Communicating by notes written on pages torn from a jotter, they form a strange, silent bond, but when a newcomer moves into the neighbouring property, followed by furtive men inspecting her land in the dead of each night, Frances' concerns for her privacy spiral. While fighting to defend her covert existence, fear soon turns towards murder, and Frances finds she uncovers a series of gruesome, historic events...

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